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Your next stop: Retirement

If you’re retiring soon, you should have a financial plan. You'll need to convert your hard-earned savings, pensions and investments into an income and will want to make that income tax efficient. These are important decisions, and you’ve got plenty of options. But how do you know what the best options are for you?

That’s where Destination Retirement can help. Destination Retirement is brought to you by HUB Financial Solutions.

What is Destination Retirement?

Destination Retirement has been designed for anyone approaching retirement who needs help with financial planning. It’s a financial planning service that gives you tailor-made advice on your retirement, and it comes at a lower cost than traditional financial advice. It helps to make the complex world of retirement finance easy to navigate with easy-to understand information and guidance.

The system helps you to focus on what you want to spend your money on and allows you to prioritise those activities according to the money you have. You'll be able to see your pensions, investments and other sources of income, in one place - so you know how much money you will have for retirement.

It will help you figure out the best way to achieve your retirement goals by providing you with a  highly personalised and realistic retirement plan for free. We'll make sure you don't pay too much tax, lose valuable benefits, or incur unnecessary fees and charges.

When the time is right, we'll be happy to help you put your free plan into action. But there's no obligation to do this and nothing to pay unless you decide to go ahead.

Destination Retirement offers restricted financial advice and will recommend pension, ISA and investment products from Embark Group, investment funds from BlackRock (one of the worlds biggest fund managers) and guaranteed income for life products from every provider in the market.

The financial advice you receive at the Find stage is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is subject to Financial Ombudsman Service rules.

Why Destination Retirement?

Allows you to build your understanding of what your retirement might look like for free.

We don't charge an up-front advice fee and our charges are lower than the average for traditional financial advice.

Helps you understand how best to use and spend your retirement savings to minimise tax payments.


It's designed to be used by everyone, with all levels of financial experience.

Takes you through the process step-by-step, at your own pace.


Create more than one plan so you can prepare for all eventualities (for example, creating a 'realistic' retirement plan alongside an 'ideal' retirement plan).

You can use the service in the comfort of your own home and spend as long as you need developing your retirement plan.

There's no obligation to put anything we recommend into action.


You can access lots of help and support online and if you need additional help, you can talk to one of our experts.

If your circumstances change, you can change your plan and your advice will be updated to reflect this.

Is there a charge for using Destination Retirement?t?

The first three stages - Think, Plan and Find - are free to use, and your retirement plan will also be free of charge.

From 31 March 2021, we will be introducing an initial advice fee of £299 which will apply if you decide to go ahead and put you plan into place. You can still get the initial advice for free by registering before 31 March. However, if you don't, you'll still find that our £299 initial advice fee is lower than the average cost for traditional financial advice.

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